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A Case Study: Randall Munroe & Andrew Hussie

I come today bearing a shocking revelation, but before I get to it, let’s begin with introductions. I’m Web, presenting this, but here are the two subjects of our case study.

This is Randall Munroe. He writes an incredibly popular webcomic featuring stick figures and humor that centers around “romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” The webcomic is one of the most popular on the Internet. He’s been nominated for a Hugo Award for his work, and he is also one of the few webcomic creators that is entirely self-sufficient. Even if you’re not familiar with the comic, you’ve probably noticed it somewhere and it just hasn’t registered.

This is Andrew Hussie. I don’t really think I need to tell you who he is, but he’s the artist behind Homestuck. You sure as fuck know what that is, shut up.

The theory I am proposing… is that Andrew Hussie and Randall Munroe are in fact the same person.

There are three main areas of evidence. To begin with, there is not a single image or mention of them being in the same area together. They also live relatively close; both in New England. Observe.

Here is an image outlying where Randall Munroe’s city is:

Compare it to Andrew Hussie’s location:

Not very far from each other. Furthermore, other general information that matches: talent with computers, Caucasian males, brown hair, webcomic writers, etc.

The second area of evidence is related, and refers to this man.

This is Ryan North, writer of Dinosaur Comics, another popular webcomic. Andrew Hussie and Randall Munroe are both good friends and colleagues with Mr. North, but the two have absolutely no contact. In fact, Hussie’s mention of other comics extends as far as Moe to Gunnerkrigg Court, but never to xkcd or Munroe. Why would two people who are both good friends with a man such as North never have met, even though they share the same profession, close geography, and similar interests? Because they are the same person.

The hypothesis I have gathered is that Munroe and Hussie are completely unaware of the situation. Their subconscious provides the smoking gun and final area is the references they have left littered in their comics. They unconsciously have been adding hints to this surprising conclusion in their works. The evidence is staggering.

Take a look at xkcd’s infamous “hat guy,” a recurring character known for violent and often erratic behavior.

Hat guy is clearly an expression of Andrew Hussie’s behavior. Homestuck fans will agree; Hussie is devoted to prones of trolling and killing, whilst Munroe himself is rather mild-mannered. How could someone as mild-mannered as Munroe create hat guy? As an expression of his other dormant personality.

Homestuck has references of its own, primarily this character.

Calliope; when she is in control. But her body is shared with undyingUmbrage. A body shared by two people. One mild-mannered and polite; one cruel and odd. Remind you of anyone?

But the true smoking gun that first brought this conclusion to light… is shocking.

On 06/01/12, this page of Homestuck was posted with a pesterlog.

On that same day, within several hours, this page of xkcd was posted.

Homestuck fans who remember the pesterlog under the image I posted will start to freak out at this point, but allow me to provide some of it for those who are confused as to how this is on-topic.

To reiterate.

There you have it. Irrefutable proof that Andrew Hussie, creator of Homestuck, and Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd, are the same person.

Thank you, and good night.

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